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New Image of Marcelle


– Doll should live… and she is alive only when you play with her, – said Marina.

Marina Kulakova – talented artist,  wonderful person, an author of my OOAK Marcelle. I am incredibly happy to be friends with Marina. We never met in person, but one of her wonderful creations, Marcelle, lives with me. Marcelle is my first BJD, she is only 8″ tall. Tiny, delicate and fragile girl. Almost a year she was standing in the doll cabinet as a Queen watching her kingdom. Other dolls came and left, and only Marcelle was majestically standing. Up until today, when spontaneously came her turn to show off in front of the camera. Recalling Marina’s words, I decided to please the girl. It’s so hard to find outfits for such a tiny doll. Once again Boneka came in handy. Little dress, that is actually for tiny dolls, fits Marcelle as tunic with vest and pants. The had was too big for her, but we still managed to use it. Marcelle came alive again and posed with pleasure!

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