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Поппи от Кай Виггз

IMG_4721Decided to change Poppy’s body. She was originally on Nelly’s body. Today we switched to Toby’s body and Poppy has now totally different look. Please welcome our new tomboy Poppy.

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  1. She’s darling! The red really makes her stand out, and suits her so well. I’m new to bjds but I do have a grey Tobi. Haven’t decided which way yet to go with her. Do you still sew the fashions or do commissions? If this is a dumb question, I apologize. I am VERY new trying to learn this confusing and exciting world……

    Congratulations! Poppy is really great looking……


    1. admin:

      Hi Cecelia,
      Thank you so much for your nice comment!
      Yes, we do commissions. Just let me know what style you like from DollBelle Designs section. You can email me directly using Contact form (link on top).
      Congratulations on your grey Tobi! I love Tobi too!
      Dolly hugs,

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